How Do I Pickup My Merch?

Updated a year ago ​by Matt Gardner

To view your upcoming orders, go to ‘My Orders’, which can be found on the menu button in the app (at the top left of the main screen). If you want to view a pickup order’s confirmation code, click on ‘Show Code’ and it will appear. Show this at the Sidestep pre-order pickup location when you arrive at the show


At amphitheaters, arenas, and stadiums:

The Sidestep pre-order pickup location will be located inside of one of the main merch stands. Look for the Sidestep sign. It looks a bit like this:

At clubs and theaters:

  • Visit the artist’s merchandise table to pick up your order. At most shows, you will be able to skip the line. Simply walk to the front side of the table and let the merch rep you have a Sidestep pre-order and they will assist you as soon as possible. 

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